Elixir for Beginners - A beginners guide to the Elixir language, tools and functional concepts

Elixir for Beginners - udemy course
Do you need net sites that can basically scale to millions of users?
Or build a technique to reliably handle the approaching Net of Things (IoT) future?

Perhaps you need to learn a programming language, which will teach you the techniques for building concurrent, functional, & fault-tolerant program.

Elixir is of the quickest growing programming languages, for all of these reasons.

Created by José Valim, of the Ruby on Rails core team members, Elixir is built on the tried & tested Erlang Beam (Virtual Machine). With cherry picked features from other modern languages such as Clojure, Ruby & Python, etc. it is a joy to make use of, & makes functional programming much more available.

Erlang was built from the ground up, to get distributed, & fault-tolerant computing "right". Elixir inherits these qualities, & packages it up in a beautiful modern language, with excellent tooling & access to all the existing Erlang libraries.

In the event you need to understand how Whatsapp, with less than 60 engineers, can send double the text messages of all the Telecoms companies put together, then come & learn Elixir. It is going to be fun!

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