Email Marketing For Musicians: Sell Music On Auto Pilot - udemy coupon

Email Marketing For Musicians: Sell Music On Auto Pilot - udemy coupon code
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Are you looking to break in to the music industry? Don't waste anymore time & check out this work. Learn how to build a fan base, engage & monetize your fans with this guerrilla tactic of promotion.

You'll learn how to build the process which is a micro web-site with dedicated web pages & a series of emails specially crafted to make your fans buy your music. I built my process around Aweber, Wordpress & Gumroad. You can of work use any other Autoresponder services & host your Wordpress wherever you require.

Majority of bands & musicians fail to sell albums because they basically don't have a nice & effective strategy in place, a process that sells music.

Hello! My name is Thomas Ferriere, I am an author & the Co-founder of Reminiscence Publishing LLC & Music Promotion Rescue. I have been in the music industry for over twenty years as a composer & music publisher. After a record deal & several album as an indie, I studied music business at the Berklee Music School & recently I have been awarded as a permanent member by SACEM . Today, I am sharing with you the same strategy that Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Imogen Heap, & others have used with gigantic success.

I do know that some things are difficult, or even a bit scary but in the event you require to make a difference in the success of your music business, you need to recover from those fears & do the work.

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