Excel 2013 Intermediate - An accessible course for people who know #Excel basics - udemy course

An obtainable work for individuals who know Excel fundamentals & require to extend their skills & become more confident users

This is a practical, hands-on work for Excel middleweights looking to gain more confidence in using the program. It provides step-by-step practice in building formulas with useful text functions like LEFT, RIGHT, MID, PROPER & CONCATENATE; conditional functions like IF, IFERROR, SUMIF AND COUNTIF; lookup functions like VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH; & date functions like NETWORKDAYS. The work also covers charts, sparklines, conditional formating, & graphics. It then moves on to look at all of Excel's key facilities for working with tabular knowledge: custom-made sorting & filtering, subtotalling & the use of Excel tables & pivot tables. All of the worksheets used by the trainer are obtainable to students, enabling them to follow along & practice all of the techniques being demonstrated.

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