HANDS-ON SQL For Beginners (SELECT, FROM, & WHERE) udemy #SQL course

HANDS-ON SQL For Beginners (SELECT, FROM, & WHERE) udemy course
The only coursework you require to learn learn the foundations of SQL!

Are you new to SQL, or looking to relearn the basics?

HANDS-ON SQL For Beginners is the coursework to get you started! This coursework teaches you SQL through short instruction with accompanying SQL practice issues.

So there's plenty of beginner SQL courses on the net. What makes this different?

The thing is, most courses teach the material, & at best, show you a few examples. Even in the event that they ask you to solve an issue, there is not anywhere for you to actually enter your answer, so most people finish up skimming past that section without actually applying themselves.

This coursework takes it to the next level by including hands-on practice for each topic that you learn. There is no way to finish the coursework without actually putting pen to paper (in this case, hands to keyboard), which forces you to think critically about what you have learned.

Each topic has a few practice issues to ingrain what you have learned, & the coursework is topped off with ten practice issues to bring everything together.

But of us speaking about it. What are our users saying about this coursework?

"It goes over the introductory ideas well. Great explanations! The coursework also provides lovely examples to help you learn & keep in mind the ideas. Top notch!"

- Earlyn

udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/hands-on-sql-for-beginners-select-from-where/