Lightroom CC: Professional Portrait retouching - udemy course

Lightroom CC: Professional Portrait retouching - udemy course
Edit Like a Pro: Best Lightroom Schooling for Professional Photographers


Get Actual Lightroom CC Training!

This work teaches you how to boost your own photography business. Get all the materials you need to satisfy clients and maximize your income.

In this Short Work, with the simple step-by-step video lectures, I will reveal all the inside secrets to portrait retouching in Lightroom CC from

  1. improving skin and reducing wrinkles
  2. enhancing eyes and fixing hair
  3. organizing your pics
  4. color correction techniques
  5. lens correction
  6. softening and reshaping and far more.

You will learn how to:

  1. basically and quickly retouch skin and remove blemishes
  2. work with color and convert your images to black and white
  3. use instantly different lightroom tools like local brush, gradient, and radial filter
  4. substantially speed up your retouching process

Topics include:

  1. why generate presets
  2. instant snapshots
  3. Immediate viewing collections & history
  4. make it simple: before & after, clipping & histogram reading
  5. tremendous important graduated filter
  6. secrets of the enhancing pics with radial filter
  7. crucial step: modification brush
  8. the way you must expand a dynamic range
  9. top secret: basic color
  10. simple tips for tone curve & RGB channels
  11. an excellent way to do hue, saturation, luminance
  12. instant converting to black & white
  13. cautious, ! split toning
  14. secrets of the chromatic aberrations
  15. important: grain & effects
  16. camera calibration
  17. editing series of images
  18. amazing examples of how to edit
  19. the core secret of exporting your images
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