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Develop a corporate strategy for a multi-million business to revive sales & streamline operations

Imagine you could learn the techniques taught by the worlds top consulting firms such as McKinsey & BCG without ever working at a firm! What in case you could put yourself in a position to earn a six-figure wage, not to mention maximize the efficiency of any business interests you have, all from the comfort of your own residence? What in case you could do something large in management consulting industry, something great, getting your head around the picture is of the most important elements of success? It is not only about tools, templates & mythologies that are used exclusively in the top consulting firms like McKinsey & BCG, but also powerful mindsets, leadership & interpersonal skills which you can apply every day to speed up your influence at work.

Ensuring the survival of a business, a lovely corporate strategy is essential. Determining when a company's strategy has drifted from its preliminary goals can be hard without the help of experienced consultants. This is because operational initiatives tend to move out of sync with the strategic goals of a business due. Factors like growth being slower than expected, financial projections are inaccurate, profits going down, & unexpected spending are all signs of a strategy gone wrong which may need the expertise of a consultant, so companies initiate a consulting project to get an outside professional opinion on a subject they view of great importance & solve critical business issue.

In this coursework, we'll address business opportunities & challenges from a actual management consulting project, which is to create a full-length corporate strategy for a multi-million business to revive sales, streamline operations & cut costs.

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