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Personal And Money Mastery For Financial Freedom - Udemy Course
Rebuilding Your Money Foundations So That They Support Your Personal & Financial Freedom

In our world today, the giant majority of adults document feelings of not having enough, they document that they aren't satisfied with their current lifestyle, & they document that there isn't time, money or motivation to make any actual change in their lives.

In case you can relate to this, it means you are part of the 97%...

To make matters worse, these feelings won't go away when you are able to make more funds.

The way they were socially conditioned from birth, right through your schooling years, through college & or university, from the time you got your first job

You were conditioned to think that spending money to buy things will get you happiness, that spending money will make you feel satisfied

This however is futile. Money does not equal happiness. Happiness is all about your perception.

In case you continue to live life by conventional wisdom, you will only ever get the same results as the norm which isn't right, wrong, lovely or bad, its the way it is. If you are content to keep getting normal results like everyone else, thats awesome, theres nothing more you require to do, keep plotting along.

If you'd like improve your life's results on the other hand, if you'd like to authentically increase your life's results for more wealth, time & more freedom

It requires you to think differently than the giant majority of society.

It requires you to query the social norms & the conventional ways of thinking around money, it requires you to take action which will feel uncomfortable.

Financial freedom usually costs much less than people think Most people however don't think this, they think they are destined to live out their lives struggling, hoping day they will get that lucky break.

When you can make your desire for change, greater than your desire to keep away from the fear of failure, you will start to see lots & lots of opportunities around you. Solutions will appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

Sadly, the giant majority of the population never reach out for these opportunities The familiarity & safety of their comfort zones doesn't appear worth the risk, in lieu they continue to do the same things over & over again, year after year, decade after decade.

In case you can be ok with feeling uncomfortable for some time, whilst you learn new ways of thinking about the world & your personal freedom, you will find opportunities in abundance, this will save you decades of sameness It will save you decades of feeling like you don't have .

Within this coursework, I will uncover how I was one time able to change my money foundations & break away from the money stress & bring forward money freedom, & you will learn the way you can do the same.

You will learn how to start rebuilding your emotional & psychological money foundations so that you'll cease self sabotaging your attempts at how to courses & strategies.

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