Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping Automated Overview - udemy course

Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping Automated Overview - udemy course
An Overview of the Recording, and Year Finish Procedures Automated by an Excel Template

Welcome to Practical Accounts & Bookkeeping Automated, where you get an overview of the whole Practical Accounting Technique, all the way from Opening Balances, to the Recording, Periodic Reports, Year-end Procedures, Final Accounts, and Supporting Reports, all done & automated with an Excel Template.

As against Accounting Theory, get to know what is done in Accounting Firms, speeded up by an Excel Template. Get an insight in to the Actual Accounts, as desired by Tax Authorities.

What is Covered:

  1. An Accounting Template Overview
  2. A Chart of Accounts Overview
  3. The Double Entry Page
  4. A Recording Form
  5. Interpreting Recorded Information
  6. Opening Balances Recording Overview
  7. An Overview of Recording Income Documents & Transactions
  8. An Overview of Recording Receipts Documents & Transactions
  9. An Overview of Recording Cost of Sales Documents & Transactions
  10. An Overview of Recording Overhead Documents & Transactions
  11. An Overview of Recording Fixed Asset Documents & Transactions
  12. An Overview of Recording Payment Documents & Transactions
  13. An Overview of Recording Loan & Credit Card Documents & Transactions
  14. An Overview of Recording Creditors Documents & Transactions
  15. An Overview of Recording Debtors Documents & Transactions
  16. An Overview of Other Recordings Without Vat
  17. An Overview of Periodic Reports
  18. An Overview of 72 Accounting Reports
  19. An Overview of Year-end Adjustments & Procedures
  20. An Overview of the Presenting of Final Accounts & Supporting Reports

For this overview, all that is used are Videos.

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