Setup + Install Wordpress! Start A Wordpress Blog Today - udemy course

Install, set up and start a Wordpress weblog with confidence. [Wordpress beginners].

This coursework walks a complete beginner through every step of setting up a Wordpress weblog at their own web-hosting account.

In case you always desired to generate a Wordpress weblog, but thought the technical aspects of setting up a weblog were hard, this is the coursework for you.

Inside the coursework, I take nothing for granted. Every aspect of building a Wordpress weblog is explained in beginner's terms. I even take a step back and describe how to get a domain name and pick a web-host before moving on to Wordpress.

They look at different auto-installers as well as by hand installing Wordpress, then they cover your first steps with Wordpress, from making a weblog page and a weblog post, to changing the theme and installing a plugin.

After taking this coursework you'll be excited to start your own Wordpress weblog, and will have the knowledge to do it!
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