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In this Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced coursework students will learn how to build and create Android Applications for smartphone and beyond

In This Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced Coursework You Will Learn:

  1. How to generate android applications from scratch!
  2. They will learn how they could use Java to make android applications.
  3. They will learn what tools are necessary to create android applications.
They will also learn about Android Studio, AVD to run apps on computer. Then they move on to learn how to make user interface for our application by using multiple widgets. Also they go through how they could add properties to widgets.
They then study the different types of layouts used to design the user interface for
our application. they go through the methods used for handling events such as a touch.
they also learn how to handle multiple events. Understanding fragments and their use is the
next which they study in this coursework, they also learn how to make use of generate fragments to combine multiple activities on a single screen. They have an overview about gestures and the techniques to handle them

To go through the basic ideas they create a basic workout android applications which suggests workouts depending on the choice chosen by the user, this gives you an idea about how android apps work.Moving along they learn how to add animations and transitions to our app, so as to make it more stunning to the finish user. They then move on to intents and from there they go on to study about threads and their usage in developing android applications. Next part includes ideas such as intent,services and list views.we study about them in depth as well.

They then move to the key part of saving the information in database using SQLite.
They will then learn and understand the basic database queries such as adding and deleting information from database. After they are completed with database they then move on to multimedia in which they study how to apply filters and styles to our picture.

Last but not the least they have a basic introduction to game development by studying the
game development platform Libgdx, here they study the basic structure of a game.
Also they learn how to animate characters while developing games for android. They also go through the sound effects while developing games using Libgdx.

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