The Complete Guide to iOS 9.2 - iPhone Edition - udemy course

Get Aquatinted & Explore all the New Features of iOS 9.2 & Become the Envy of Your Friends!

iOS 9.2 is filled with improvements! Everything from Siri "Always On", to speedy access to the most often used features within control panel that can be accessed faster than ever before. The more you explore all the new advanced features with iOS 9.2, the more you'll wonder about what new & fascinating thing your going to discover today!

My name is Scott Beowulf Kaine & I am proud to bring you this coursework, "The Complete Guide to iOS 9.2 - iPhone Edition". For the period of this coursework, my aim is to walk you through step by step all of the fascinating apps & new features that have been implemented within iOS 9.2 & how they can make your life simpler & in lots of cases, more efficient.

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