The Complete Ruby Developer - A guide to going from Zero to Ruby developer - udemy Free course

This work is for you if:
You have been putting off learning to program because it seems intimidating.

You have tried to learn to program before, but stopped because you didn't know where to proceed after the tutorial.

You have built a Ruby on Rails app through another tutorial, but have no idea what the code is doing.
You are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur and you require to build an MVP, but don't know where to start to learn to program.
How I go about presenting the information:

Fast explanations of ideas with code walkthroughs. Lots of courses go in to mundane drawn out explanations that are unnecessary and lose the student, I do the opposite, get straight to the point and show you the way it works, then move on. You can revisit or rewind for refreshers and not must worry about where in the twenty minute video that piece of context was discussed.

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