Turn an Old PC into a $2,000 Server - Media Server - udemy course coupon

Turn an Old PC into a $2,000 Server - Media Server - udemy course coupon
Learn how to basically turn a computer in to a powerful Linux based Network Attached Storage - NAS - and Media Server

Did you buy a new computer and you still have the older lying around? In that case, you most likely asked yourself what to do with that elderly PC or laptop computer that you liked... It is still working very well but is not powerful anymore for your current needs. Well, do not trash it yet: you can give it a new life by transforming it in to a very powerful $2,000 server!

In this work, you will learn step by step how to make use of freely available application to do exactly that: take a 64-bit computer that is obsolete by today's standards and turn it in to a NAS - Network Attached Storage.

Storing and sharing files is of the features of your future server! In this work, you will learn how to make use of it as a backup machine and a powerful media server... and this is only a tiny part of what the application can doing.

Synology Inc. is a Taiwanese corporation that focuses on network attached storage (NAS) appliances. A group of ingenious persons has turned Synology's application in to XPEnology, which is the program that you will be using to transform your PC. Thanks to them, it is possible for you to to generate your own NAS at a fraction of the cost of a Synology server. In fact, in the event you already have that elderly computer they talked about earlier, it will cost you nothing over about half and hour of your time to set it up :o)

Synology's application being simple to make use of, I will be showing you the basics to start. After that, with the simple user interface of the method, you will very basically go your own way together with your new server and add new functionalities according to your needs or desires!

In the event you need to buy a NAS from Synology (which I strongly support and advocate!), this work will show you why they are better than all the other builders of similar equipment :o)

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