Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students - udemy course

Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students - udemy course
Introduction to Windows Service programming and cranky details of debugging services in C# .Net

This work teaches you how to generate Windows Service which are a key part of Windows operating process.

The work is divided in various sections.

In section, you will learn the definition and anatomy of a Windows Service. You will also understand the difference between a Windows Service and other application types like Windows Forms.

In section you will generate a Windows Service project, and utilize installutil to put in or uninstall a service.

After this you will open the Event Viewer to see the events... generated by your newly born service.

In section you will learn how to debug a Windows Service.

You will also see how to integrate Log4Net logging library in to your service project. Its a free & open source library and it lets you generate rolling log file.

In the next section you will look in to a few actual world scenarios like a file synchronization service and a periodic information update service. You will also learn how to generate an installer project for simple setup and installation of a Windows Service.

In the final section they are going to generate an admin application for a Windows Service. This application will have the ability to start/stop a service and get service status as well.

note that this work won't freeze in time, I will keep adding fascinating and useful ideas with the passage of time.

I learned Windows Service programming the hard way, alone. You sir! can take advantage of my experience and learn it quickly by joining this work. Sign up and I will see you inside

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