YOGA - The Most Disciplined and Healthiest Art of Living - udemy course coupon

YOGA - The Most Disciplined and Healthiest Art of Living - udemy course coupon
Learn how to relieve stress, strengthen immunity, boost self-confidence, get rid of negative thoughts & stay fit.

This coursework is equipped with yoga which is of short period usually between 35-90 minutes(depending whether you take short kriya or long) but is much more powerful & efficient & you will feel as in case you got year of happiness in single day. :D

Scientists say in case you meditate for 8 weeks, the structure of brain changes, the grey matter increases , immune process becomes stronger, your intellect becomes sharper, your memory becomes clearer & you will have better lifespan.

This yoga has proved to be 'The X-factor' to prevent various health diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Depression etc.

You might keep in mind from high school biology that brain cells use chemicals called neurotransmitters to communicate. Under stress a hormone called cortisol is released which hinders the functioning at neurotransmitters making it harder for brain cells to speak to each other. This makes it difficult to think clearly & is the reason why they get confused in a crisis or a stressful situation. This also directs blood glucose or energy away from the brain. Knowing how stress affects brain brain, would think the solution is to basically force to mind. Regrettably, the mind has a awful time telling itself what to do.

Plenty of of us are familiar with the consequences of stress in our body such as headaches, depression etc. But do you know the way it chiefly affect us in various ways?

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