Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients - udemy Free course

Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients - udemy course
How to make use of Facebook groups, Niche forums, Forums & YouTube to pickup coaching & consulting clients within 48 hours

Step-by-step technique for picking up clients with social media in 48 hours or less

Discover exactly how to make use of Facebook groups, Niche forums, Online bulletin boards & YouTube to pickup coaching & consulting clients in as tiny as 48 hours

"Social Media is DEAD!"

The word on the internet-marketing street is that you cannot use social media marketing to acquire new customer anymore. There is basically much NOISE! & our prospects cannot differentiate our legitimate promotions from the annoying spam that is hitting them from every social-media direction! Online marketers are struggling, are burning through money with their marketing but seeing no results. Everyone is screaming & shouting for attention, but nobody is being heard!

Here's the rarely-talked-about truth..

it is EASY to pick up clients when you follow these rules:

Rule one. Do what other online marketers are NOT doing

Rule two. Provide VALUE that your prospects are looking for, in lieu of trying to PROMOTE or SELL to them

Rule three. Position yourself as the issue solver, not as another "marketers" or "freelancer"

In the Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients work, you are going to learn step-by-step how to implement these rules & attract qualify, motivated clients to you.

You are going to find out how to effectively position yourself as the "problem solver", so you avoid all the typical sales objections like "It's expensive", "How do I do know it works?" or "I'll give it some thought.."

Here are some things we'll cover in this coursework:

Most common Social Media marketing myths & mistakes that are taught as "best practice"
Step-by-step success case studies of how used Facebook, Niche Forums & YouTube to acquire over 400 paying clients to date
How to make use of private Facebook groups to "present" your service offering without being pushy or annoying
The AMOC authority framework - A four step technique that allows you demonstrate expertise & invite pursuit from your clients
How to make use of simple reddit posts to get qualified clients e-mailing you with questions about your service
The four parts of an STICKY YouTube video & how to sequence them in the most effective order
How to generate simple videos that attracts your dream clients & gets them to contact you
"You don't need 1000's of subscribers!" How to attract clients with YouTube without a giant following
three value-adding YouTube video frameworks that educate & sell simultaneously
How to position yourself as the "problem solver" so you never must handle sales objections again
How cheap "marketing-tricks-n-tips" is making you appear like a spammer & what you can do about it
Why your competitors will never implement the strategies from this work & the way you can benefit as the result
See you inside the work!

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