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Beginner Guitar Lessons by Paul Gronow - Udemy Course
Study plan, tuning a guitar, fretboard notes, scales, chords, rhythm, chord progressions, music theory & backing tracks.

Hello I am Paul Gronow & this work will walk existing & new guitar students step by step through beginner to intermediate guitar level & offers you tons of opportunity to practice what you have learnt following along with backing tracks.

What You'll Learn

The Beginner Guitar Lessons by Paul Gronow Work will teach guitar students like you guitar through five essential sections:

Getting started
Guitar chords
Reading & playing rhythm
Chord progressions
Essential guitar music theory toolkit

Section one: Getting Started

In the Beginner Guitar Lessons Work by Paul Gronow you'll start by taking a look at how to set up a successful 'How To Study Guitar Programme', that'll help you to establish & set your unique goal/s & the steps you'll be wanting to take.

One time this is set you'll then move onto taking a look at the parts of a guitar & tuning the guitar. Then one time the guitar is in tune, discover the individual notes on the guitar fretboard (the importance of the Chromatic Scale) & play the notes up to the 5th fret on each guitar string.

This section will conclude with a useful recap & Quiz.

Section two: Guitar Chords

In addition to learning the notes on your guitar fretboard you'll be wanting to learn guitar chords as they permit us guitarists' to generate & play songs.

First, you'll master how to read a guitar chord chart, then work through with me Paul Gronow as you learn to form & ideal chord shapes such as major, minor, Major 7th , 7th, diminished, minor 7 flat five & power chords.

Time is taken to show you how to best form a chord as well as how to move between chords; these tips are priceless & highly effective.

This section will conclude with a useful recap & Quiz.

Section three: Reading & Playing Rhythm

Your guitar toolkit will certainly start to grow by this point, what together with your knowledge & skills added around, the parts of the guitar, tuning a guitar, chromatic scale, being able to read, form & play lots of guitar chords & be able to move around a variety of guitar chords.

This section will take you step-by-step through the necessities of understanding rhythm. This is achieved by taking a look at what rhythm actually is, learn about & play on your guitar the essential musical notes such as a semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver & semiquaver. Learn to read rhythm charts as you play along with 27 backing tracks with 27 rhythm patterns; that can be present in music styles such as: Jazz, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Country & Funk styles.

Learn how to play popular major, minor, 7th, M7 & m7b5 along with guitar tab & a backing tracks with a click track.

This section will conclude with a useful recap & Quiz.

Section four: Chord Progressions

By now you'll be in a place to identify the parts of your guitar, play specific notes on your guitar fretboard, form & play lots of guitar chords, read, play lots of popular guitar chords such as major, minor, 7th, M7th, diminished, m7b5 chords. So what is next?

Well it is going to now be time to learn about & apply five popular chord progressions across three major scales. You'll discover that chords are grouped together in to scales, (more about this in Section five), but for now learn that chord progressions are use to move around the related chords in a scale such as C major, D major & G major.

By learning this you'll get to listen to chords that sound great for you to possibly used to generate music & songs & secondly understand a tiny more about music theory & music composition.

This section will conclude with a useful recap & Quiz.

Section five: Essential Guitar Music Theory Toolkit

By now you'll have all elements in place;

Single notes (or melody)
Chords or (harmony)
Read, play & generate a variety of rhythms
Be able to pick & use of lots of chord progressions with the triad chords found within three major scales

All right, so that leaves Section five. So what of it?

Well, there is large gap in the learning & that is (for some) the dreaded topic of music theory!!! Music theory is often seen as the elephant in the room, the topic not discussed, not necessary, well in case you feel that there has been a barrier stopping you learning music theory then I have great news for you!

For lots of years I didn't feel comfortable around music theory, it wasn't until I desired to take teaching guitar a tiny more seriously in the early 90's that I decided to teach myself guitar music theory...

Soon , I began to discover that it was in fact feasible (although if not hard, time consuming & expensive as I had to buy lots of books etc to teach myself music theory as a guitarist) in case you work hard.

Many decades on I now understand the benefit of learning the necessities of guitar music theory & from a guitarists perspective; I can now read & play other people's music as well as being able to generate my own.

So why not join me in this beginner guitar work & discover the essential guitar music theory toolkit today...

So what is involved in learning guitar music theory?

This section will conclude with a useful recap & Quiz.

Learn that the chords they play & the notes they use as musicians are all related & all of them stem from the master scale the Chromatic Scale.

In the section you'll discover, that the Chromatic scale is used to form major scales using a scale template & that the chords they use are created using only the notes in the major scale.

Your guitar music theory schooling will be developed within the time it takes to work through 15 minutes of study; of work you'll be wanting to start & pause.

This section will conclude with a useful recap & Quiz.

Beginner Guitar Lessons by Paul Gronow Work Completion

All right so in case you choose to take this work then at its completion you'll be in a great place to be able to play other people's music as well as make a great start in writing your own.

I hope that you think in yourself to take this work & get to meet me on the inside; after all with Udemy 30 day Funds Back Guarantee & the quality & expertise that has been put in to this work the Risk is all mine.

Thank you for taking the time to view the beginner Guitar Lessons by Paul Gronow Work. I look forward to meeting you on the Inside of this Work. I wish you every success, in learning to play your guitar.

look out for other guitar lessons from me.

Kind Regards,

Paul Gronow.

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