Crowdfunding 101 - How I Raised $100k on KickStarter - Udemy Coupon 100% Off

Crowdfunding 101 - How I Raised $100k on KickStarter - Udemy Coupon
Crowdfunding projects garnered $5 Billion in 2015; Is your Great Idea the next Crowdfunding success?

In this Introduction to Crowdfunding coursework, Rob McCallum takes you over first critical hurdle for any potential campaign - whether your idea is worthy and right for crowd funding.

Perhaps, you have already made the decision to Crowdfund your first Idea. For you, this coursework is a critical checklist to make sure you have made ALL of the appropriate considerations.

Rob breaks down this complex subject matter and delivers it through casual conversation.

Introduced by Dr. YouTube, Robert Scot, the coursework is professionally produced and logically laid out, and straightforward to follow. In case you already have taken a coursework introduced by Dr. YouTube, you know his courses are aimed at trying to help entrepreneurial students earn more funds.

So, you have already decided to kick off your first Crowdfunding campaign? Woah .. Slow down and go through this coursework. Rob gets in to details that you may not have thought about - there is nothing like a quiet, experienced hand to help navigate through unfamiliar waters!

The coursework includes a great discussion on how to make use of your existing background and expertise to further promote your campaign.

"Rob McCallum is tremendous sharp and does an wonderful job of getting under the hood of the whole crowd funding phenomenon," said Dr. YouTube. "He provides details through anecdotes related to his Nintendo Quest video crowd funding campaign that you cannot get any where else."

Learn about the kind of key art you will require and the magic formula for the ideal campaign video. By the finish of the discussion, you will know whether your idea is ideal for crowdfunding, or how to adjust it in the ideal way to set yourself up for unimaginable success.

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