DNS - Learn to use bind and dig to Setup and Manage Domains - Udemy $10 Coupon

DNS - Learn to use bind and dig to setup and manage domains - Udemy Coupon
DNS is vital for net & networking. To know how DNS is working & how to setup it is essential. I will show you

In this coursework You will learn anything about DNS - Domain Name Method. Topic include:

The different parts of DNS & how they cooperate.
How the domain hierarchy is structured in different levels.
What different types of information is stored in DNS.
How a DNS query & response works.
How the information is stored in zone files.
Recursive queries, the role of a local resolver.
How to make use of the device dig for testing & troubleshooting DNS in various ways..
They will start with the basics & build ourself up to advanced sections. Beginning with the domain hierarchy, how the protocol works & continue in to dig, zone transfers & best practices for DNS setup with bind.

After finishing this coursework you will feel confident & have full knowledge of all aspects of DNS! You will feel confident in how to setup, manage & troubleshoot DNS.

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