Drawing for Beginners - Drawing as Process - udemy course coupon

Drawing for Beginners - Drawing as Process - udemy course
Learn artistic drawing techniques to bring your drawings & art to the next level. Learn to draw today

Welcome! In this work, you'll learn how to draw more effectively & confidently by using artistic techniques & drawing methods including

timed gesture drawing
timed contour drawing
drawing from touch
drawing as response to music
continuous line drawing
1-point & 2-point linear point of view
reductive charcoal technique
drawing ellipses to show angle & depth
still life drawing
You'll understand how to add value or lighting & tonality to your drawings, including using blending, stippling, hatching, & cross-hatching. You'll also learn how to add depth to drawings using various techniques. You can then post images or scans of your drawings & post them to the discussion forum for critique.

This work is taught by Jon Seals, an accomplished artist who has had work exhibited in various venues, has curated various visual art shows, & has taught visual art at the high school & university levels. Jon Seals has an MFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art & Design & an MAR from Yale University.

Basic supplies needed to follow along include pencils for most lessons, as well as charcoal drawing tools for a few lessons. A sample drawing kit is shown & described in the lecture on materials.

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