Facebook Marketing : Save $1000s Selling Your House Online - Udemy Coupon

Facebook Marketing : Save $1000s Selling Your House Online - Udemy $1 Coupon Code
Leverage the power of social media promotion ( Facebook promotion ) to save thousands of dollars.

Do you need to sell your home in order to take a new job? Are you keen to move to a bigger place but afraid you will lose much funds selling your current place? Is there a dream you are keen to pursue but a hefty mortgage payment is holding you back?

Then I have information that you need!

In a typical actual estate transaction involving an agent for the seller and an agent for the buyer, the total commission paid to the agencies is 6%. While it may appear that only the seller is paying this fee, both parties are shouldering it because the cost has been raised to accommodate the commission amount. The buyer ends up paying much, and the seller ends up making small.

The obvious solution is to cut out the actual estate agents and sell the house By Owner. But how can that be completed? Possibly people are basically afraid to tackle the process on their own, thinking that it must be complicated and costly.

It is not.

In this coursework, I will show you how my husband and I could sell our home through the power of social media - Facebook, in particular. In lieu of paying $9000 in commission, they paid only $750. Our total cost of promotion (including everything down to the printer ink) was less than $100, so altogether they paid less than $900 selling our house - a savings of over $8000.

Obviously, I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results. Every market is different, and every home is different. But is not it worth a try to potentially save thousands of dollars? What could you do with that additional funds?

Need to know what they did and the way you, , can successfully sell your house yourself? Enroll today!

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