Give Your Best Care: A Caregiver's Guide - Udemy Free Course

Give Your Best Care: A Caregiver's Guide - Udemy Course
Strategies, practical tips, & inspiration for locating joy & gratitude when caregiving for a loved

Nobody desires to listen to words like that from a doctor, of your mom.

I keep in mind it like it was yesterday. It was five:10pm on an early Friday evening.

A million thoughts then raced through my mind:

Although the news was of my brother, hearing those words I felt as though it were my diagnosis.

What does that mean?
How do I tell her?
How will he react?
Will he die?
Will he suffer?
What do they do next?
What do I do next?
The next few weeks were a dizzy blur of doctors appointments, tests, scans, crying, laughing, & everything in between.

They talked to 9 doctors in the first weeks. 7 contradicted the other two on the best work of action. 8 gave her 6 months. The 9th gave her 6-12 months.

In the work of that time, we have had plenty of downs & plenty of ups. We have learned a lot as a relatives.

I am happy to say that this Feb 2016 marks five years since my mom's preliminary diagnosis of stage four lung cancer.

I have learned a lot as a caregiver.

I am also gathering & documenting the best tips & advice from a lot of other caregivers, doctors, & otherwise awesome individuals who require to help out.

& I put all of those lessons in to this work in the hopes that it can help you & your relatives in the event you find yourself in similar circumstances.

This work is a work in progress.

This is the beginning & more content will be added in the approaching weeks & months!

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