How to keep your children safe online - Udemy Coupon

How to keep your children safe online - Udemy Coupon
Worried about how to keep your children safe online? This coursework will give you tools & techniques to keep them safe.

Have you ever wondered what your children get up to when they are online?

Do you worry about them accessing inappropriate material such as pornography?

What about grooming, are you sure that they are only speaking to people they already know?

Worrying isn't it?

As parents they like to hope that our children will do the right things, but how will they know if they don't tell them? This coursework will help you to answer a quantity of these difficult questions.

The coursework consists of video lectures with practical demonstrations on a quantity of the key topics. There's also exercises for you to complete which hopefully will get you thinking & speaking together with your children.

What sorts of things do we cover in the coursework?

Having a secure network at home is an essential foundation to your children being safe online. In the section "Building a secure IT surroundings at home" they look at topics such as network security, device security & online application security.
There's main steps to keeping your children safe online such as: setting the rules, enforcing controls & they will look at each of these in detail in the section "Step by step to safety online".
What happens when things go wrong? In the section "Dealing with difficult issues" they will look at the six most common issues that you face as parents with an emphasis on practical steps that you can take in the event that they happen.

So why don't you do something amazing, & sign up for this coursework. Surely your child's safety is worth a few hours of your time?

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