How To Research Your Competition With SEMrush - Udemy Free Course

How To Research Your Competition With SEMrush - Udemy Course
Step-by-step guide to master the No. #1 competitive analysis gizmo in the market.

Are you interested in developing a successful net promotion strategy & growing your business faster?

Great, because you are in the right place at the right time.

SEMrush is your net promotion toolbox that contains indispensable knowledge for developing SEO, promotion, & advanced link-building strategies.

As a digital promotion professional or a business owner, you no doubt recognize how important online strategies are for reaching your business goals.

It was designed to help you speed up & facilitate your every day net promotion activities, & basically monitor the performance of your website(s).

Learn How to Take the Best Chair in The House & Learn How To Use The #1 Competitive Analysis Gizmo

Find keywords relevant to your target audiences, & optimize your content with them
Find profitable PPC keywords to bid on
Audit your net site for technical issues
Track whether the rank of your website(s) is going up
Keep up along with your competitors online strategies & results

Course Contents & Overview

This coursework will walk you through the method of mastering the #1 competitive analysis gizmo in the market to supercharge the growth of your business.

First, we will cover how to identify keywords your competition is rating for & how to track changes in keyword positions to improve your SEO.

Next, I will show you how to identify your competitors in less than five minutes, how to break down your competitors domain in to different URLs while analyzing their backlink strategy.

Moreover, you will discover how to identify profitable PPC keywords, dominate YouTube Ads by legally spying on your competitiors PPC strategy & use a little-known featured called Domain vs. Domain.

Last but not least, I will introduce you to a sneaky way to find profitable keywords you can rank for basically on Google.

By the time you complete this coursework, you will discover how to analyze your competitors like a professional promotion agency to grow your business

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