Law of Attraction & Visualization: Get What You Deserve - udemy free coupon

Law of Attraction & Visualization: Get What You Deserve - udemy course
Learn the art & science of how to get what you need & become a better person. How the law of attraction works.

The secret behind "The Secret". Have you tried "visualization" before but "didn't work"? Find out the truth behind the laws of visualization explained like seldom before.

Creative Visualization is the technique whereby you can generate ends in your tangible life that historicallyin the past had eluded you. CV can be used to improve health - physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, professional, marital & spiritual. For that reason they have come to refer to creative visualization as focused purpose therapy, the kind of therapy that you can do by yourself on yourself.

There is a powerful body of scientific research on the topics introduced here. However, this work is not a review of the scientific literature; , this work is more like a "how-to manual" for those who feel prepared to jump right in & alter theirs lives for they better.

Here you will learn how to master the law of attraction, make visualization part of your every day technique, understand "what" to visualize & "how", & generate your own future. Use the power of focused purpose to accomplish impressive results. Use creative visualization to help make the world a better place.

The work is well explained by an experienced professor, however it makes use of a peculiar pedagogical style. What you see in the Promotional video is you get throughout the work: no animations, no graphics, no bullet points. The teaching style evolved from years of experience as hypnotherapist; it works well when your attention is fully engaged because you come to visualize as you learn. In this sense, you learn by doing it. Therefore, from this point of view, visual aids that can be useful in other types of courses would function as a distraction here. For that same reason they also discourage listening to the work in audio-only fashion while doing something else, such as driving a automobile. Feel free to submit questions or comments about this or any other matter.

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