Learn Brackets - The Open Source Text Editor - Udemy Free Course

Learn Brackets - The Open Source Text Editor - Udemy Course
Brackets is the free, open source code editor. Explore its plenty of powerful features in this tutorial..

This comprehensive coursework explores Brackets, the open source code editor by Adobe.

They will go from A to Z with Brackets in this tutorial series, first learning a quantity of the back story behind it, then installing it, & at last becoming acquainted with its plenty of features.

You will learn:

- How to put in Brackets on your PC or Mac
- How to open & save files in Brackets
- How to add new Projects to Brackets
- How to put in brackets plugins
- How to make use of the brackets live editor
- How to make use of Brackets live preview
- How to take advantage of Rapid Docs to quickly prototype CSS

Brackets has plenty of practical features. This tutorial series will cover everything you need to get fully set up with Brackets. You'll learn managing files & projects, as well as navigation. You'll also install powerful plugins using the power of Brackets' growing community.

Brackets' unique features will even be explored in this tutorial. Use live preview to edit your CSS in Brackets & see it update in actual time. The live editor will also let you write CSS styles faster than you ever thought feasible.

Udemy Course :https://www.udemy.com/brackets/
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