Linux Bash Scripting for Beginners: Network Monitor Bash App - Udemy Coupon

Linux Bash Scripting for Beginners: Network Monitor Bash App - Udemy Coupon
Bash by example! Take your first steps in linux bash scripts! Network interface traffic monitor script built step by step

Short Story: learn basic building blocks of bash, watch how a real-life utility is built, do the every month challenges and solve coding issues in the discussion area to gain experience (did I mention the prizes?).

Long Story: This work is meant to help junior application or network engineers, or students, to take the first steps in to the world of bash shell scripting. It will help you create your own scripts in order to interact effectively with linux command line tools.

The first section covers basic building blocks that let you write your own shell scripts, which are introduced in a learn-by-example fashion. Here you will learn about basic linux command line utilities used throughout the work, a simple script structure, defining functions, using input/output redirection, pipes and command substitution. The last lectures in this section focus on control statements, like if, case, while and for.

"I found this work to be insightful so far. It covers the basics well and although I am not an absolute rookie in bash-scripting I still learned lots of new things." - Costin Mihai

In the second section I will show you how to build a simple real-life utility for monitoring the amount of traffic on a network interface. There's scripts involved in this utility. The "core", that queries method knowledge about a network interface and adds it to a comma-separated-values (csv) file, line at a time. The other will take care of scheduling the "core" to be run at specific times, based on a user specified interval. The result is a csv file that contains knowledge collected at specific points in time, knowledge that can be later processed in to a spreadsheet application (e.g. build graphs from it).

You won't discover a final lecture on this course; I think that thorough studying of a subject won't be done in two.5 hours of lectures. The remainder of the work, what I call the dynamic part, is built in time. You will find here lectures on various command line utilities (e.g. find) or more in-depth lectures on subjects like redirection. I also post every month challenges for you to gain some much needed experience, in order to ascend from a beginner to an intermediate level.

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