Meta Productivity - Become Super-Productive - Udemy Coupon

Meta Productivity - Become Super-Productive - Udemy Coupon
Get more done in less time, beat procrastination, start or cease any habit in less than two minutes a day!

With this premium personal productivity training, you will:

Dramatically increase your productivity
Beat procrastination
Start or cease any habit in less than two minutes per day
Get organized effortlessly
Get in total control of your career & life
Get more done in less time while being happier & happier
This coursework is three in one: It includes video, audio & e-book versions. It also includes Meta-Habit templates.

The coursework is organized in to five easy-to-learn modules:

The Secrets of New Productivity
The Meta-Habit
The Productiveness Framework
33 Golden Nuggets of Productivity Wisdom
7 Productivity Power Tools
Each of the modules is further divided in to individual lessons.

You can complete the coursework in a single week. It will have lasting effects on your productivity, career & well-being.

In the first module (Secrets of New Productivity), you will learn how to..

Work smarter, not harder! Get more done in less time, earn extra funds, be happier & relax. Win in life & business.

When you try to become productive, you try to work harder. But in the event you become meta-productive in lieu, you will start working smarter, & become more productive permanently.

The Meta Productivity approach is the next level of personal productivity. It is a stand-alone method of powerful techniques & insights. All to make you super-productive with the least work feasible.

Increasing your productivity is a huge opportunity. How would you like to be able to get days worth of work in a single day?

Productivity can be your final edge. One time you become efficient, other inefficient people would must work 18-hour work days to keep up with you.

In the second module - The Productiveness Framework - you will get organized and dramatically increase your productivity while decreasing stress and overtimes. You will also become more confident in your work, knowing that you are always doing exactly the right thing at the right time.

In the third module, you will master your habits with the simple Meta-Habit process. You already know what you would like to do But doing it consistently is the issue.

Have you ever started a brand spanking new habit, then took a break due to an ilnness or travel, then seldom resumed it again?

With the Meta-Habit process, it is possible for you to to:

Successfully start new habits in less than two minutes a day
Break elderly negative habits
Be consistently successful together with your habits with maximum work
Whether you need to exercise regularly, get up sooner, or lose weight with the Meta-Habit method, you finally can!

The Meta-Habit process will become your new superpower for changing your life.

The 4th module will make you a wise productivity genius.

A single AHA! moment can make you glad you have read a book.

And in this module, you will likely get at least a dozen AHA! moments.

You will increase your awareness of productivity, efficiency and strategic thinking. You will also understand yourself better.

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