Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide - Udemy Course 100% Off

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide - Udemy Course
Figure out how to Master 230+ Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts and Become an Excel Guru in No Time!

A Brief Introduction to the Course

Come. Watch. Learn. Overcome. Exceed expectations. One Simple Lesson at a Time.

Hello there and welcome!

Hello there and welcome! My name is Tolan, and I am the fellow benefactor of ProductivityMe.

I'd like to welcome you to Excel Keyboard Shortcuts, where through a progression of great tips, traps, and console alternate routes you'll figure out how to Master Microsoft Excel, one basic lesson at once.

Through an extensive arrangement of interesting, fun, simple to-take after video instructional exercises, you can figure out how to end up a Microsoft Excel Power User in under a week!

What is Included in This Course?

250+ individual lessons

Customary course redesigns

A dynamic, reaction Excel document posting each of the 233 console easy routes utilized as a part of the course

A shaded PDF reference aide of those 233 console alternate routes

Moment access to course teacher

What is the Purpose of This Course?

Exceed expectations has turned into the business standard for arranging, investigating, controlling, a putting away both information and data in even shape.

Subsequently, this course is intended to get you up and being so as to run as an exceedingly capable Excel client ready to utilize hundreds Excel's most regular activities and capacities in seconds.

Before the end of this course, you'll have the capacity to utilize and convey more than 230 console easy routes that will make you AWESOME at Microsoft Excel.

For instance, you'll learn alternate ways like:

Shift + F11 Inserting a New Worksheet (Lesson 04.01)

Ctrl + Shift + "=" Inserting Rows or Columns (Lesson 05.02 or Lesson 05.03)

Shift + Spacebar Selecting an Entire Row (Lesson 07.01)

Ctrl + Spacebar Selecting an Entire Column (Lesson 07.02)

Ctrl + Enter Entering the Same Data in Multiple Cells (Lesson 11.06)

Ctrl + Alt + V Displaying the Paste Special Dialog Box (Lesson 14.10)

Ctrl + Shift + ~ Applying General Format (Lesson 17.01)

Alt + = Autosumming Selected Cells (Lesson 18.04)

Ctrl + ` Toggling Formulas On and Off (Lesson 18.05)

F11 Creating a Chart in New Worksheet (Lesson 19.10)

Alt + F8 Opening the Macro Dialog Box (Lesson 20.06)

All the more by and large, you'll have the capacity to apply console alternate ways for activities, for example,

Autosumming cell values and in a flash changing their designing

Including, designing, and evacuating cell fringes in a glimmer

Concealing, gathering, including, erasing segments and columns

Moving to the following cell, worksheet, or exercise manual

Duplicating, moving, or erasing a cell, a determination, or a worksheet in Excel

Extending or diminishing your dynamic determination by one or more cells, segments, or columns

Quickly making new tables, channels, graphs, and PivotTables

Propelling macros and the VBA Editor with two basic snaps

Also, much, a great deal more

In each lesson, we to take after the same coherent structure.

Reliable Lesson Structure:

In the first place, we'll give a prologue to what we'll spread in the lesson

At that point we'll demonstrat to you the console alternate route

Next we'll demonstrate to you proper methodologies to accomplish the same result without utilizing the particular easy route

At that point. we'll audit what we secured in the lesson

Furthermore, ultimately, we'll talk about what is coming up in the following lesson

Last Thoughts:

Okay! The nature of our substance justifies itself. Come and look at it today!

See you in a couple.


Tolan and Ryan

Course Instructors and ProductivityMe Co-Founders

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