Motivation for Men: Find Your Life Purpose - Udemy Course

Motivation for Men: Find Your Life Purpose - Udemy Course
The final guidance to find your motivation in life. Discover what makes you feel fulfilled and happy today!

Finding your life purpose is the universally accepted route towards personal fulfilment and happiness. Without a life purpose, scientists estimate that chances of being happy drop by around 80%.

Some highlights:

This coursework takes you from zero life purpose to putting you firmly on track to feeling fulfilled and happy in life.

Why You Need a Life Purpose

Find your life purpose
How to build your purpose in three steps
How to start each day of purpose
How to support yourself financially
How to deal along with your haters
Much more!

You need a life purpose because it decreases your stress levels.

A life purpose is the final human motivator. One time you know your path and start to walk it, lifes' annoyances take a back chair. Things like your boss shouting at you fade in to irrelevance, because you have a mission and they basically is not necessary to fulfil it.

Happy people are proven to be healthier, wealthier and immensely beautiful to other people.

Not only does having a purpose remove stress, it also makes you feel happy. Happiness is only forthcoming when they feel as though we are working towards something positive.

This coursework packs maximum value in to maximum time. It distils the most common life purpose discovery techniques in to short and sharp lectures because I require you to get out there and start right away.

Course Contents and Overview

You'll first discover how to find your life purpose using a method I term 'The Upward Spiral'. There is room for discovery here but the aim is to make you commit to your selected purpose.

Then you'll find out how long you ought to stick together with your life purpose. The first time dedication is surprisingly short!

three steps are outlined as positive fire methods of building your purpose. Follow these & you cannot go much wrong! You'll build something of immense value both to you & to your fans (yes, having a purpose means you will have fans!)

Of coursework, you need to survive whilst on your mission. For that you need funds & I outline two strategies for you to accomplish this. The second is what I have personally done - making funds in my sleep. Not millions (like infomercials have you think) but to provide the every day needs.

You'll also find out the optimal way to start each day. This lecture is designed to load you in to a cannon & fire you at the speed of sound in to your every day mission.


Finally they deal with haters. When you start finding a life purpose, the venom you'll experience will be very intolerable. The lazy people surrounding you will try to pull you down to their level & it will be hard to resist them. I give you a positive fire way of dealing with them that has seldom let me down.

You'll also receive bonus material in the kind of five every day motivators. These are special parcels to be opened whenever your will to work is low. They will fire you up & get you sprinting towards a life purpose, leading to fulfilment & happiness in life.

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