Oracle SQL for Analysis and Reporting: essential training - Udemy Coupon

Oracle SQL for Analysis and Reporting: essential training - Udemy Course
Data mining and reporting with Oracle Queries

This coursework teaches people in Database reporting, Business Intelligence or any field that requires generating database reports in Oracle how to make use of a number of the cold functions in Oracle to answer real-world questions. Each lesson covers or more reporting and analysis function / method in Oracle and makes use of Oracle 11gR2 for demos. You will receive a combination of slideshows and hands-on query exercises, including challenges and brain-teasers to help you think deeper in to issues and write simple queries that answer these questions.

All the queries in this coursework are included for download. Also, make sure you attempt all the challenge exercises before you look at the solutions.

You ought to take this coursework in case you are looking to up your game in database querying, knowledge mining and business intelligence using SQL queries. A special section is dedicated to Analytic Functions, a very cold set of functions in Oracle that make it simple to write highly scalable, high performance queries with very small code. It starts wit an introduction of Analytic functions and then goes deeper in to using these functions to answer business questions. Have fun, as more examples are uploaded to this coursework.

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