Overcome Anxiety - Find peace, live with courage, get things done - udemy course

Overcome Anxiety - Find peace, live with courage, get things done - udemy course
Whether you call it anxiety, fear, self-doubt, or lack of confidence, the chances are that it is cost you in life, made you feel stuck, and stopped you from living to your true potential. Take a moment to consider; what have you given up? What have you missed out on? What opportunities have you lost because of it? What are you terrified to take action on?

This work is for designed for someone who experiences anxiety in the type of excessive worrying, feelings or fear, or rumination; and also for those who feel stuck in life, and lack the motivation or the self-confidence to get things done and move forward. Anxiety is inescapable, but this work will teach you how to change your relationship with it in order to cease it guiding your actions when it is not to your benefit. Throughout the work you will learn, at your own pace, a set of simple yet powerful practices that you can incorporate in to every day life to help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion.

The work is made of major sections; Making a Foundation. Dealing with Anxious Thoughts and Feelings, and Taking Action. There is and a section on Emergency Exercises, that can help you settle down in anxious and stressful situations. You'll be walked through the method step by step, with specialist guidance all the way through and a work workbook with all the exercises and main points in detail. Each section provides every day exercises and tasks that need you to practise and take action, along with audio exercises that you can listen to on your computer, laptop computer, tablet, or phone.

The work is based on research and practices from mindfulness, health psychology, and Acceptance and Dedication Therapy.

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