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Smart Parenting - helping children become great learners - Udemy $2 Coupon Code
Smarter Learning - what helps & hinders kid's (& adults) learning success

How are you able to best help & encourage your kids to become lovely learners?

Well If your children enjoy themselves at school, then they are 8/10ths of the way to becoming lovely learners & great students. However In the event that they don't enjoy school & it becomes a 'chore' then they will certainly struggle unless they have your understanding, your unconditional love & your continuing support

The natural human state is to be curious about things & when they are young & innocent all of us move toward things that grab our curiosity. However we'll freeze or move away from things that make us anxious. Therefore the best thing they can do as parents is to remove anxiety from a kid's learning surroundings.

So as parents, there's things they can do to help our kids love learning, & there's also things they might do unintentionally (through a lack of knowledge & understanding) that can delay or cease them learning.

As parents they also require to cease measuring & comparing our kids against others (I do know it is hard!). Keep in mind that they are all distinctive & all of us create at different rates. All kids have growth spurts & they also have brain spurts. You would not judge a kid's intellectual capability based on how tall they are, or how rapid they are growing. So why do they insist on, or be complicit in, comparing or 'grading' our kid's ability whilst they are still developing?

Let us not forget that Einstein was a late talker, a slow learner & did poorly at school. Lots of highly successful people received poor reports at school. So let's take the pressure off our kids & focus on what they are doing well & let's cease doing the things that delay their natural progress

This short coursework will give you some simple strategies as well as a better understanding about the way you can help your kid become a great learner. The coursework currently has main section & this section is all about helping you to understand what is likely to help & what is likely to delay your kid's learning (by taking a look at how the brain works for example).

In the New Year a section three will be added to the coursework which will outline some of the more practical things you can do to reinforce what you have learnt from the first section of the coursework. It will also include relevant insights from educators like Carol Dweck, Reuven Feuerstein & Alfie Kohn. By enrolling on the coursework now, you make positive that you will get the third section of the coursework without additional cost.

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