Swift Programming - Complex Cell TableView for Mac OSX Apps - Udemy Coupon

Swift Programming - Complex Cell TableView for Mac OSX Apps - Udemy $7 Coupon
Create fancy looking apps using Complex Cells in a TableView. Take complete control of the tableview's layout.

Have you ever thought how to show knowledge in nicely aligned and arranged way using TableView.

Here comes the Complex Cell Tableview. redefining the way you show knowledge in a Table. It gives you full control on the arrangement of parts in the row.

This work will help you understand the Complex Cell TableView in detail and utilise it to maximum.

I will show you how to:

How to generate a project and add controllers to it.
Write code to add a complex cell column with controls and pics.
Write Action Handlers for buttons which take actions such as adding,removing and editing knowledge to the Complex Cell TableView.
Although these are very minor things from user point of view, but it takes lot of work to implement. In the method it takes your app to next level.

You will even be able to download the entire source code after each lecture.

This will help you to create the app side by side along with me.

So by the time you finish the work you would have developed the app your self by yourself computer.

You ought to take this work if :

You are planning to create and app for mac app store.
You require to create a fancy tableview in lieu of the dull column based tableview.
You require to learn swift with hands on exercises.
You require to download the completed source codes after each and every lecture.
You require to learn how to code for complex cell tableview.
You require to start with xcode from scratch.
If you are prepared to learn more and sign up for the work, go ahead and hit that Enroll button.

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