The Secret to Fireproof Relationships - udemy coupon code

The Secret to Fireproof Relationships - udemy coupon code
How to be loved and overcome relationship turmoil - practical guide to detect and solve your issues

How to overcome relationship turmoil and get your life back

Welcome to the Relationship work where you will learn all you require to know to create great relationships, romantic ones, with people, with yourself and even with things.

My name is Flavio Souza-Campos; I will be your instructor.

Do you know a who cannot get along with someone else but simultaneously can't let them go?

They think of couples in these cases, but it happens to someone: parent/child, siblings, co-workers, neighbors, friends, someone who inhabits the Earth.

They call this relationship turmoil, and relationship turmoil has been associated with anything from decreased productivity and financial distress to poor health and early death. watch to film War of the Roses to know what they mean.

For twenty years they have helped people in relationship turmoil. They offer a unique way of solving this issue. They start with the idea that there's no true relationship problems, there's personal issues that affect relationships. Not all personal issues make a relationship difficult or impossible. Usually the culprit is personal difficulty, the effects of which on the relationship the participants stay unaware, leading to a lifetime of suffering.

In this work I present a series of in depth discussions informed by over 31000 therapeutic sessions with over 7000 clients. As you listen to these discussions you will ask yourself how could this apply to me?

The work will take you in to a deep introspection of your own life, so that you can identify the aspects of your individual that make your relationships difficult. You will then learn how to change yourself.

I begun developing this process in the late 90's, and by 1998 published a paper on this topic and later introduced this material in several conferences to other therapists. The use of these techniques has generated much happiness to plenty of people; it will do the same for you.

This work is introduced in a unique way: you and I, taking a look at another. Experience as a therapist suggests that eye contact and lack of distractions generates maximum benefit to you.

There's no requirements to enroll, other than an open mind, a loving heart as well as a honest desire to be a better person. Mastering the ideas introduced however, may require patience. Of work I will be available to help in case you need send a message!

Fell free to look through the work description and preview some classes.

Signing up is easy; udemy offers lifetime access to the work, free updates and new materials as they become available.

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