Trick People Into Thinking You Can Cook - udemy course

Trick People Into Thinking You Can Cook - udemy coupon
How to Make, Dress, Plate, Serve, and Snap Pics of Tasty Numnums

Are you slangin' plates, but cannot get it to the point of braggable swaggable dabbable dishes? Take this coursework to learn:

Everything you are doing wrong
How to stage your kitchen to look like you know what you are doing
How to throw out your shitty plastic plates for giant boy dishes
How to brag about food on social media without being annoying
How to critique and speak about food in a way that makes you sound like a smartass
On top of this, you'll receive a handful of bulletproof recipes that employ everything you learn along the way. In less than hours, you'll become soigné af in no time. You'll receive a bunch of videos, and some quizzes to make positive it is getting through to you.

Sign up for this coursework today if you are prepared to graduate from dickless fool to top shelf swaglord.

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