Webinar Intelligence: Earn Six Figures In 1hr Webinars - Udemy Coupon

Webinar Intelligence: Earn Six Figures In 1hr Webinars - Udemy $7 Coupon
The Most Powerful, Tried and Tested, Profit Pulling Webinar Techniques and Strategies You Need To BOOST Your Sales!

Successful Marketers know that live Webinars convert more leads to high paying money customers than any other type of web promotion. PERIOD

There's no exceptions to it.

So Why is not every marketer or online business owner jogging webinars?

The simple truth is most people don't understand the science to jogging live webinars.

There is an Intelligence behind webinars that works every single time.

Rule # one: Make them Webinar Hungry. This means you need to generate a compelling topic to the right visitor so when they come to the landing page, your webinar is the ideal solution to their exact issue.

Rule # two: Build a Killer Webinar - Building a Webinar is not a powerpoint presentation, it is a sequence of messaging that when it is introduced, the attendee sees your product as a no brainer to their issue.

Rule # three: Follow Up & Sell. This part is important, so important that executing it correctly can increase your sales by 200% to 300%. This is things like using shortage, urgency and call to actions that make them need to click that buy button.

This blueprint is based 100% on dozens of webinars that I have done and attended done over the years. What is the result of this blueprint? $10,000 - $100,000+ sales in one hour.

Webinar Intelligence will walk you through everything you need to know to maximize the power of your webinars.

Take the coursework and Watch the way it explodes the profits on your webinars.

Watch the way it gets you more registrations, more people showing up to your webinar and higher conversions and even more people watching your replays.

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