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Complete guide to install Wordpress, PHP on Cloud,AWS or VPS Coupon

A guide to install websites on Nginx, MySQL, PHPmyAdmin and mailserver with Postfix, RoundCube, SpamAssassian, ClamAV and so forth 

Installation any site on a cloud server is a little difficult task for non-techie. A WordPress site needs a number of software installed, as well as arrange them together to work. This is the main problem  behind why individuals likes to stay away from cloud servers.

Circumstance has changed now a days. This course helps you to deploy advanced WordPress, PHP and HTML sites on cloud server in just few minutes. No related knowledge is required.

Grow your specialized learning with us and serve best perusing speed, unwavering quality and so forth to visitors of your site/blog.

Introduce or move your WordPress site on a cloud and spare cash on costly WordPress managed web hosting charge.

Stay away from cheap & slow shared web hosting.  Cloud web hosting is getting less expensive day by day and with AWS, it is free for one year. Move your WordPress from slow shared server to a cloud server with zero down time.

Enhance SEO and get your site on first page of Google. 

Dedication IP address will ensure your site gets included into trusted list of Google and other search engine bots.

Run your mail server and send a large number of mails, newsletters with free AWS at zero expense.

Learn to send and configure your mail server so that your emails never at any point get identified as spam.

Course Substance and Overview 

In more than 3 hours of vide training including 26 lectures and 22 pdf documents (equal to digital book), this course covers every single essential steps to deploy WordPress website, PHP site and HTML site on Nginx server.

Beginning with the basic of Linux server, this course will guide you through installation of Ubuntu server, DNS administration, establishment of Webserver Nginx, Installation of  mail server software Dovecot, establishment of WordPress websites and Migration of Wordpress websites with no downtime.

You will learn installation and configuration of the following softwares:

  1. Nginx 
  2. MySQL 
  3. PHP 
  4. Postfix (A Mail exchange specialists) 
  5. WP-CLI (Command line interface for WordPress) 
  6. Roundcube 
  7. FastCGI 
  8. OPcache 
  9. SpamAssassin 
  10. and so on 

You will learn to install/deploy following sorts of sites:

  • Standard Wordpress site 
  • Wordpress site with nginx quick cgi store 
  • Wordpress site with nginx redis store 
  • Wordpress site with HHVM 
  • Wordpress site with page speed 
  • Multi site Wordpress with subdirectory 
  • Multi site Wordpress with subdomain 
  • PHP destinations with MySQL database 
  • HTML websites

You will also learn to configure:
 - UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall)
 - DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail)
 - DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection

By finishing this course you will gain required knowledge to install & configure WordPress, PHP and html websites starting with no outside help on Ubuntu server.

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