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See how to discover Profit or Loss with Accounts from Incomplete Records 

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We need to process a truth that not all business concerns records their money related exchanges utilizing Double Entry System of Book Keeping.

Yes! Business concerns who don't have methodical methodology for accounting will have just halfway records. Be that as it may, they ought to likewise realize what is their Profit of Loss position. In such cases, we can discover the Profit or Loss utilizing Single Entry System . This strategy is not an investigative/legitimate technique. In any case, without data, some how we need to discover Profit/Loss and this technique will help us.

Accounts from Incomplete Records implies just Personal and Cash Accounts are kept up and Real and Nominal Accounts were not kept up. That is to say, all the business exchanges are not recorded in the books.

We can touch base at the benefits utilizing Net Worth Method or Conversion Method and all these are talked about in this course.

This course is organized in self-guided learning style.

Video addresses are utilized for clarifying the ideas.

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