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Instructions to begin with Gmail, Hangouts (Chat, Video Calls), Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Presentations

Google Apps is a suite of applications which offers a free contrasting option to Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365, individually. Every Google Apps compares to an item you may definitely know: 

Gmail (= Microsoft Outlook) 

Timetable (=Microsoft Outlook Calendar) 

Home bases (= Skype) 

Drive (= Drop Box) 

Docs (= Microsoft Word) 

Sheets (= Microsoft Excel) 

Presentations (= Microsoft Power Point) 

The course is tended to everybody who is new to Google Apps, or to Google Apps for Work which is a corporate rendition of Google Apps.

Particularly on the off chance that you used to work with Microsoft Office or Outlook this course may help you to conquer your underlying troubles. I will demonstrate to all of you key DO's and DONT's.

The course is separated into 47 short addresses - each of them giving all vital data around a point yet not squandering time in reiterations. My inspiration for the course was to go all alone encounters I had while being new to Google Apps.

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