Advanced Cloud Computing with AWS - Coupon 94% Off

Advanced Cloud Computing with AWS

Master Next-Generation Computing Technologies & Learn to Supercharge Business Efficiency with 17+ hours of Training Course

Every company wants to improve operational inefficiencies and cut costs. Understanding of cloud computing and AWS will help you excel in your career and make you a valuable part of any team. Start with the basics of cloud computing, and by the end of the 10-module course you’ll know how to deploy, manage, and use Amazon Web Services like a pro.

  1. Learn how to improve operational efficiency w/ Amazon Web Services
  2. Future-proof your IT skills
  3. Access 17 hours of instructor-led learning
  4. Prepare onsite network infrastructure to ensure access to resources in the cloud
  5. Understand virtualisation & how it is applied by the AWS platform
  6. Build & deploy virtualised PCs to create an easily managed, homogenous desktop environment
  7. Test your comprehension at the end of each module

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