Complete API Mastery Course Bundle Discount - 86% Off - 6 Courses

Complete API Mastery Course Bundle Discount

Learn to Incorporate Google, Facebook, Twitter & More APIs with 6 Courses On Application Building Blocks

Included Courses in this Complete API Mastery Course Bundle:

No. 1. Introduction to APIs Using JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, and Social Connections
Incorporate Google, Facebook & Twitter APIs Into Your Websites & Increase Your Pages’ Capabilities
Number of Lectures : 40
Course Content Duration: 2.5 Hours

No. 2. Create Java APIs, Fast and Simple
Build Better, More Interactive Websites By Learning to Create Your Own APIs
Number of Lectures : 14
Course Content Duration: 2 hours

No. 3. API Documentation 1: JSON and XML for Writers
Discover the Importance of Data Documentation
Number of Lectures : 15
Course Content Duration: 1.5 hours

No. 4. API Documentation 2: REST for Writers
Further Your Technical Writing Qualifications by Learning REST API Documentation
Number of Lectures : 19
Course Content Duration: 1.5 hours

No. 5. API Documentation 3: The Art of API Documentation
Gain Tools to Write Effective API Documentation & Break Into the Field of Technical Writing
Number of Lectures : 13
Course Content Duration: 1 hour

No. 6. Software Testing and Automation of APIs with UFT/QTP
Everything You Need to Know About API Testing with UFT/QTP Automation
Number of Lectures : 114
Course Content Duration: 4.5 hours

Complete API Mastery Course Bundle :