Excel for Accountants: Mapping Tables - Udemy Free Course

Excel for Accountants: Mapping Tables - Udemy Free Course
Mechanize reporting assignments with a mapping table

In this Excel for Accountants: Mapping Tables course, writer and grant winning instructor Jeff Lenning CPA shows the system included in his Journal of Accountancy article The Power of Mapping Tables. On the off chance that you utilize Microsoft Excel to create reports, this course is for you. We talk about the advantages of putting away source information in tables, how to utilize the SUMIFS capacity to restrictively total exchanges, and how to interpret names with a mapping table.

Microsoft presented tables in Excel 2007, and this element is a distinct advantage. On the off chance that you don't store your information in tables, you are passing up a great opportunity for a basic approach to enhance the dependability of your exercise manuals. Changing over a standard reach into a table gives numerous extraordinary advantages, and we'll talk about these exceptional properties in the course.

Likewise with the take off of Excel 2007, Microsoft presented another worksheet capacity: SUMIFS. This too is a distinct advantage. Playing out numerous condition summing in prior adaptations of Excel was testing, and required sharp capacities, for example, SUMPRODUCT or exhibit equations. For some exercise manuals, these can be supplanted with the SUMIFS capacity. We'll examine the capacity's contentions and exhibit a few down to earth applications.

Exceed expectations reports regularly total information. Often, the information marks are not quite the same as the report names. For instance, the bookkeeping framework may send out record names, for example, Cash or Savings, however the relating report names are monetary explanation things, for example, Cash and Cash Equivalents. At the point when the marks are distinctive, we are kept from utilizing lookup capacities, for example, VLOOKUP to recover values. In this course, we'll exhibit the mapping table strategy which empowers our reports to recover values from information tables, notwithstanding when the names are distinctive.

Excel for Accountants: Mapping Tables course incorporates hone Excel records, relating answers documents, and an arrangements video. The course is organized by theme, and inside every subject, there is a PowerPoint talk, an address video that works through the thing in Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows, and test practices for you to work hands-on. In the event that you utilize Excel to make reports, this course will help you set them up all the more rapidly.

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