The Developer's AWS Mastery Course Bundle Discount - 04 Courses - 85% Off

The Developer's AWS Mastery Course Bundle

Become An In-Demand Cloud Guru & Programmer by Mastering Amazon Web Services with These 4 Courses:

Course No. 1 : AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Prep

Train to Pass This Highly Rewarding Certification Exam
Course Content : 8 Hours
Number of Lessons : 64
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification is one of the most blazing authentications in IT, and a crucial for any expert working with AWS. This course is intended to help you, paying little respect to experience, pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate 2016 Exam. Join the addresses with the practice exams closed, and you'll be prepared to pass this important confirmation and begin directing a higher compensation.

Course No. 2 : Intro to AWS Lambda

Write & Deploy Functions That Will Help Massively Scale Cloud Systems
Course Content : 2 Hours
Number of Lessons : 19
AWS Lambda is a Cloud administration that runs your code because of occasions, naturally dealing with the process assets for you, making it simple to make applications that react rapidly to new data. This course will show you how to compose, convey, scale and oversee lambda capacities, so you can planner arrangements from microservices that scale greatly and react nearly continuously. On the off chance that you need to make a vocation out of working with Amazon Web Services, you're going to need this course!

Course No. 3 : GitHub For DevOps

Optimize Git & GitHub by Integrating with Amazon Web Services
Course Content : 3 Hours
Number of Lessons : 31
You may knew about Git and GitHub, you may have even utilized them, yet to completely enhance these open source administrations with Amazon Web Services, you may require a touch of preparing. That is the thing that you'll arrive. This initial course covers the essentials of source code forming, the standards of Git and GitHub and how to utilize them, and how to associate GitHub to AWS administrations like CodeDeploy, CodePipeline and SNS. By course's end, you'll have the capacity to make a present day DevOps pipeline by coordinating GitHub with AWS.

Course No. 4 : AWS CloudFormation

Deploy Solutions Across Multiple Regions When You Learn CloudFormation
Course Content : 2 Hours
Number of Lessons : 10
AWS CloudFormation permits you to send assets in Amazon Web Services rapidly over numerous districts. Starting with extremely rudiments of framing layouts in CloudFormation, this course will show you how to control these formats to spare time and cash. Businesses are dependably needing designers familiar with Cloud processing, and learning AWS CloudFormation will be an important expansion to your resume that will place you in more prominent interest.

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