Building XQuery Apps with the MarkLogic NoSQL Database - Coupon 100% Free

Building XQuery Apps with the MarkLogic NoSQL Database - Coupon

A hands-on guide to building applications utilizing the XQuery Programming dialect and the MarkLogic NoSQL database.

This hands-on course is designed to show you how to rapidly build applications utilizing the MarkLogic NoSQL database and the XQuery programming dialect.

You will learn to utilize center elements of the MarkLogic stage including:

Design and adaptability

Overseeing information (XML, JSON, Binaries, content, RDF triples and record metadata)

Muck (Create, Read, Update, Delete)

Performing ACID database exchanges

Search (counting geospatial search, geoencoding, and map combination)


Security (MarkLogic gives a Common Criteria confirmed security model)

To be effective in the course, understudies ought to have commonality with databases, no less than one programming dialect, and some web development foundation. Understudies ought to likewise finish the free essential course on Udemy titled Fundamentals of the MarkLogic NoSQL Database.

The Building XQuery Apps with the MarkLogic NoSQL Database course is designed to be extremely involved. Every video examination is taken after with a hands-on lab. All the essential programming is allowed to download and accompanies a free developer permit.

Course materials including test information, code illustrations, and orderly directions for finishing the hands-on labs are given through a free download.

What are the prerequisites?

Download MarkLogic (free developer license!!):

Introduce MarkLogic:

Download MarkLogic Content Pump:

What am I going to get from this Building XQuery Apps with the MarkLogic NoSQL Database course?

Incorporate different information sources rapidly and effectively without the expenses of forthright information demonstrating

Build applications utilizing the MarkLogic NoSQL database and XQuery and XPath programming

Setup and arrange a MarkLogic example and depict the design of a MarkLogic bunch

Actualize a part based security display and design consents and benefits

Actualize Google-style search highlights in an application

Make full content and geospatial search questions

Design database records

Stack and oversee reports and metadata utilizing XQuery and MarkLogic Content Pump

Perform ACID database exchanges

Execute blunder taking care of and logging

What is the intended interest group?

This Building XQuery Apps course is for a specialized gathering of people, for example, application developers.

Recognition with no less than one database and one programming dialect is unequivocally prescribed.

Finish of the free "Essentials of the MarkLogic NoSQL Database" course on Udemy is unequivocally prescribed.
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