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Build A Weather App With Ajax Using Open Weather Map API
Utilize Open Weather Map API to build a web application that can be utilized to get present climate and estimate climate information

Programming interface remains for Application Programming Interface. Programming interface is fundamentally a route for developers to speak with specific applications. The utilization of APIs in building applications is turning out to be progressively prominent.

In this course, we will build an entire climate application utilizing the open climate delineate. Open climate outline is straightforward, clear and allowed to utilize. Open climate outline gives current climate information, climate gauge information and additionally chronicled climate information.

With our application, we will make API calls by city name to the open climate outline utilizing Ajax to get reaction in JSON organize.

The climate application will be utilized to:

Get present climate data like temperature, weight, stickiness, wind speed, wind heading and so on.

Get climate conjecture data of any city by city name and number of days.


Make API calls with Ajax.

Open climate delineate portrayal.

Get present climate data.

Get climate conjecture data.

Utilize jquery module to enliven content.

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