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Migrating from Microsoft Exchange to O365
The most effective method to Make the Move from Exchange 2010 to Office 365

Utilizing outsider tools to perform Exchange-to-O365 movements can be to a great degree expensive, particularly for independent ventures with next to no IT spending plan. Utilizing the FREE local tools that Microsoft gives endlessly decreases hard expenses, however utilizing them can befuddle. All things considered, I've composed this extraordinary course on moving email from on-premises Exchange to Office 365 utilizing Microsoft's local tools.

In this Migrating from Microsoft Exchange to O365 course, the understudy will learn how to plan for (and play out) a cut-over relocation from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange 2010 server to Office 365/Exchange Online.

Themes secured include:

Setup of the O365 Tenant Account

Checking Domain Ownership

Planning Active Directory for the Migration

Setting up the On-Premises Exchange Org for Migration

Associating O365 to Your Exchange Email System

Relocating Mailboxes to O365

Playing out the Cutover to O365

Re-Routing Email to Office 365

Relegating Licenses to O365 Users

Post-Migration Tasks and Cleanup

Relocating Public Folders to O365

Designing Azure AD Connect to Sync AD to O365

Decommissioning the On-Premises Exchange Server

Endless supply of this course, the understudy will have the capacity to effectively arrange, get ready for, and play out a cut-over relocation from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 utilizing the local tools that Microsoft gives.

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