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Cut Down On Spam & Take Back Complete Control Over Who Can Send You Email

Email is one of those digital things that we use constantly, yet constantly perplexes us, as well. How did these spam emails from strange senders get to you? How are you supposed to sift through thousands of emails? Throttle is here to help. This browser extension gives you complete control over who gets access to your email by automatically generating a unique email every time you're required to fill out a form. Seeing as you have to give out your email seemingly everywhere these days, Throttle lets you simply click a button and you can forget about all those annoying subscriber emails and invasive data mines.

1,274 Upvotes on Product Hunt
'Throttle combines all your annoying emails into one daily digest,' TechCrunch
'Throttle is a hassle-free way to rid your inbox of spam and newsletters,' The Next Web
'Throttle keeps your inbox clutter-free by making your email address private,' Lifehacker

Stop giving out your email address online, the root of the email control problem
Control who is allowed to send email to your inbox, based on who you gave your address to
Combine all mass mailings & notifications into a single daily digest email, reducing useless notifications
Find out who tries to sell or share your email address & shut them down w/ the Scam Shield
Sign up on websites w/ the knowledge you can still revoke their access to your email any time you want
Forget about clicking 'unsubscribe' - Throttle lets you shut down access w/ a single click
Sync to all of your devices automatically for easy email management

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