Practical Linux Security Cookbook by Packt Publishing ($22 Value) - 100% Off

Practical Linux Security Cookbook by PACKT Publishing ($22 Value)

New in Linux administration or experienced, this ebook will provide you with the skills to make systems more efficient & secure.

What You are going to Learn:

Learn about various vulnerabilities and exploits in relation to Linux systems
Configure and build a secure kernel and test it
Learn about file permissions and security and how to securely modify files
Explore various ways to authenticate local users while monitoring their activities.
Authenticate users remotely and securely copy files on remote systems
Review various network security methods including firewalls using iptables and TCP Wrapper
Explore various security tools including Port Sentry, Squid Proxy, Shorewall, and many more
Understand Bash vulnerability/security and patch management

Free offer expires on: 14 June 2017
Ideal for companies having 50+ employees

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