Zero to Hero in Vex Robotics - Udemy Course 100% Off

Assemble a test rig with a motor and several sensors
Understand and apply motor control commands
Use a variable which stores distance to an obstacle
Control motor output using sensor input (i.e. keep constant distance from moving obstacle)
Write functions which move the robot forward a precise number of centimetres
Write functions to control the movement of the robot arm and claw
Program the robot to lift and throw objects
Program the robot with a zig zag line following algorithm
Perform advanced proportional control line following
Use feedback to keep distance from objects, this means the robot slows down gradually avoiding braking and falling over
Use booleans and touch sensor to activate every program with a push of a button once robot is disconnected from the computer
Combine line following and distance control to follow the line up to an object
Integrate arm functions with line following to pick up rubbish along a road
Write a function that scans space
Program the robot to locate, drive up to and pick up objects which are placed at random locations

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